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Years 6 and 7 lunch programs

Upon reading the information below, please fill out this form to register your son(s) in the hot lunch program. This form needs to be completed by Monday, Sept. 11.

The Prep hot lunch program has undergone several major changes in the last few years as a result of the partnership between the school, parents and Aramark, our food services provider. These include:

  • making available healthier food choices approved by both Aramark and parent-volunteer dieticians;
  • supporting nutrition education and promotion in the classroom and dining hall;
  • buying local, seasonal fruits and vegetables when possible;
  • removing the deep fryer from the kitchen and replacing deep-fried foods with healthier baked foods;
  • serving Canadian-farmed, naturally raised meats;
  • and surveying both boys and parents about the hot lunch program.

A few examples of actions recently taken include: the introduction of multi-grain products; the replacement of drink crystals by 100 per cent juices; introducing a diverse salad bar; the use of real cheese in place of processed cheese;and consultation with the Prep Parents’ Organization (PPO) to address nutritional issues.

Lunch for SK to Year 5 students begins at 11:40 a.m.

SK to Year 3
All SK and Years 1, 2, 3 students will eat in Weston Hall at 11:40 a.m. Parents may elect to send a lunch from home or sign up in the hot lunch program. There’s an optional milk and juice program for boys who bring lunch. The morning/afternoon snack program is available to all students.

Years 4 and 5
Students in Years 4 and 5 will eat in the dining hall at 11:40 a.m. Parents may opt to send lunch from home or take advantage of the hot lunch program. This option provides students with a hot meal based upon an age-appropriate three-week menu cycle (see the link to the sample menu). Boys who bring their lunch have the option of subscribing to a beverage option offering milk or juice. This is already included in the hot lunch option.

Years 6 and 7
Students in Years 6 and 7 have the same home lunch/hot lunch option at 12:10 p.m. All the Year 6 boys eat together regardless of lunch program so they can be with friends. The same goes for Year 7 boys. Years 6 and 7 boys will have the same option of subscribing to a beverage option which offers milk or juice.

Can we learn at lunch?
Certainly. We consider the lunch period an ideal time to reinforce three important principles:

  1. We can put forward our best efforts when we look after ourselves. Making good choices about the food we eat demonstrates respect for our own health. We can also use good social skills during this time.
  2. Students in Years 2 to 7 are expected to take responsibility for the choices they make and not waste food. We teach our students to ask for a portion they’re prepared to eat. This demonstrates respect for others, those who prepare the food and those who might want more. This also demonstrates respect for our environment by reducing the volume we contribute to landfill. Some flexibility will be exercised in teaching these principles at the beginning of the year.
  3. Sometimes students will comment on a food that they don’t like. Please remind your son that we’re serving a lot of boys with a lot of different food preferences. There’s always an alternative choice. Please also remind your son that health is our number one priority and, within that parameter, Aramark works very hard to provide a delicious lunch for all.

Your lunch options
With the co-operation of Aramark, we offer all students these three options at lunch:

1. The hot lunch program (includes beverages)
The menu, which operates on a three-week cycle, offers soup, one main entrée, one vegetarian entrée, a sandwich/salad bar and dessert every day. Milk, chocolate milk and fruit juices are also available. Students are permitted to line up for seconds providing they’ve finished what they’ve taken.

 2. The milk and juice program (for those who bring their lunch from home)
Boys may bring their lunch and enroll in the milk and juice program, which offers milk, fruit juices and chocolate milk.

3. Full lunch from home
Parents may opt to send a full lunch with their sons. This is the best choice for parents who wish to monitor their son’s lunch or parents of boys who are particular about food choices. Thanks to the PPO, microwave ovens are available for all students. Students are expected to take home uneaten food to help parents gauge what’s being eaten.

Prior to registering for the hot lunch program, we ask you to review a sample menu and consider whether a lunch brought from home or the hot lunch program best meets your son’s needs. Boys will be encouraged to make sound nutritional choices and will be expected to finish with little or no food waste. They’re always welcome to try an item and return for more. As boys try different menu items over the course of the first menu cycle, some tolerance will be demonstrated for waste. After this time, students will be expected to make good decisions about what and how much they take.

To ensure the safety of all students, all parents are expected to ensure that any food items sent from home don’t contain even traces of any kind of nut, nut products or shellfish. Please discuss the importance of this strict requirement with your son. Your co-operation is essential and most sincerely appreciated.

In order to maintain an orderly and efficient lunchroom atmosphere, students will be expected to comply with common sense expectations. This includes making sensible food choices and respecting procedures and others. Alternative arrangements will be made for students who persistently disregard these expectations.

If you subscribe to one of the programs, the charges listed below are added to your son’s account on a term-by-term basis. Once registered at the beginning of the year students remain registered unless the Prep office is advised by note or email of a change.

Parents who wish to resign from the program must advise the Prep office in writing prior to the beginning of the next term. There will be no credit for:

  • days remaining in a term if a parent withdraws from the program during the term;
  • or days missed because of any absence.

Parents who sign up for the hot lunch program don’t sign up for the milk and juice program.

Bag lunches will be prepared for field trips as required for hot lunch registrants.





(includes milk or juice)




SK and Year 1 boys only


September to December





January to March





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