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Year 7 Upper School transition information

With the new year in full swing, it’s time to look ahead. For the Prep leaving class, this means thinking about transitioning to the Upper School.

Here are ways the Prep will help with this transition:

All families will be asked to complete a legacy form outlining any familial connection to the Upper School house system. The College will make every effort to assign students to the same house as their relatives. Students without any previous family connection to a house will be placed according to numbers, academic background and extracurricular interests.
This form is due on Friday, Feb. 9 for all boys, regardless of legacy or not.

Please follow this link to complete the form. Please don’t make house requests. It’s very difficult and we work very hard to enable every boy to have a wonderful house experience.

All Year 7 students will complete a retreat in their Upper School house in May. They’ll tour the Upper School in their Upper School houses. House delegates will conduct these tours. Further details will follow.

During their retreat, Year 7 students will complete a student profile that will include personal data, an academic overview, and participation in the arts, athletic programs and outside activities. The full profile will be forwarded to your son’s house adviser. This information will be used in the process of assigning senior mentors. Information about your son’s involvement in the arts and athletic programs will be forwarded to your son’s Upper School student mentor.

Mentors will receive student profiles and will write a letter to their Prep counterpart. The Upper School mentor will invite a response from the incoming Prep student.

Year 7 parents are invited to a presentation/question and answer session about the Year 8 program and Upper School on Wednesday, May 2 at 7 p.m. in the Upper School student centre. The Upper School administrative team will characterize the Upper School experience and respond to parent questions. It’s strongly suggested that at least one parent attend.

Prep School faculty members will meet with Upper School faculty members to share valuable information regarding your son’s learning strengths.