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Year 7 | Health and life skills

Dear Year 7 families,

In Year 7 health and life skills, we have completed two units of study – our first on stress and our most recent on personal safety. 

Our unit on stress included understanding positive and negative stress, personal triggers of stress for each student and how to mitigate them. The students created slide shows and completed a personal stress plan they may have shared with you.

Our unit on personal safety focused on the online world – the benefits and drawbacks of the technology we use, cyberbullying and sexting, with a particular focus on sexting and consent. Students used Kids Help Phone as a resource when researching and understanding some of the nuances of when sexting is legal in Ontario and when it is not. To add to our lesson on consent, particularly from a lens of sexual activity and sexting, some classes watched one of two short videos – using tea or sandwiches that you may also find rather entertaining. Those who did not watch one of these videos in this unit will do so later in the year. 

We’re now engaged in a unit on healthy eating with a particular focus on a review of food labels and the influences that affect what, how and when we eat. 

This spring, we will engage in units related to substance use and human development and sexual health. We will reach out to you prior to the final unit’s commencement.

The Year 7 HLS Team
Martha Boyce
John Hustler
Tom Sharpe
Gareth Evans
Tanya Sweeney