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Year 6 and 7 laptop exchange

The laptops our students use across the school have reached the end of their three-year life cycle. Each student in Years 6 and 7 will hand in their old laptop and receive a new MacBook Air at the end of the year. Students will exchange their laptop between June 5 and June 7.

Laptops AND power supplies must be returned in excellent condition as we will be returning these to the leasing company.

  • During class time in late May and early June, students will be provided time and instruction on how to ensure all of their important files are backed up to the cloud using Google Drive. They have been encouraged to save their work to their Google Drive all year, but this time will be provided to ensure that no important work is lost.
  • Students will also review the UCC Acceptable Use Policy for Technology.
  • Students will be informed of their laptop exchange day at least a week ahead of time. On that day, they will hand in their laptop, case and Apple power supply.
  • Once handed in, IT staff will inspect all laptops and power supplies. If damage is found, the student will be provided with a receipt indicating the damage. The cost for repairing this damage will be billed to your account once it has been repaired. Please note that the charge for damaged or missing power supplies is $120. Please remind your son to pack his power supply in his laptop bag on his laptop exchange day.
  • Year 6 and 7 students will receive a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy to bring home for you to review and sign with them.
  • Students will be given their new MacBook Air. At this time, students will  also log onto our wireless network and re-sync their important files from Google Drive.
  • Starting this year, we are implementing a managed laptop program for Prep students. Prep students will no longer have the administrative rights to install personal software on their laptop. Some system software and features that are not needed for school purposes will also be blocked. Upper School students (our current Year 7s) will continue to have their administrative rights, but we encourage parents to maintain open lines of communication about what they are installing on their laptops.
  • Please note that the new laptops for Year 7 will not come with a carrying case. They will have a protective plastic cover, but Year 7 students MUST use a backpack to carry their laptop. No special backpack is required – they may use the same backpack they use every day. They will not be permitted to leave their classroom without their laptop in a backpack to ensure it is being transported between home and school safely.
  • All Year 6 and 7 student laptops are to be taken home over the summer and brought back to school in excellent condition in September.

Sarah Barclay sbarclay@ucc.on.ca