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Year 6 and 7 laptop exchange next week

Just a quick reminder that each student in Years 6 and 7 will hand in their old laptop and receive a new MacBook Air next week. Laptops AND power supplies must be returned in excellent condition as we’ll be returning these to the leasing company. Please remind your son to pack his power supply on his laptop exchange day.

  • This week, Ms Barclay reviewed the school’s Acceptable Use Policy for Technology with all Year 6 and 7 classes and provided instruction on how to ensure all of their important files are backed up to the cloud using Google Drive.
  • Students are required to watch a short video reminding them of important aspects of the acceptable use policy and agree to the items contained in the video before they will receive their new laptop.
  • Students will bring home a laptop sign-out form this week that needs to be signed by them and a parent and returned to their Form Adviser before they will receive their new laptop.
  • On the laptop exchange day, IT staff will inspect all laptops and power supplies. If damage is found, the student will be provided with a receipt indicating the damage. The cost for repairing this damage will be billed to your account once it has been repaired. Please note that the charge for damaged or missing power supplies is $120. Please remind your son to pack his power supply in his laptop bag on his laptop exchange day.
  • Students will be given their new MacBook Air on the dates below. At this time, students will also log onto our wireless network and re-sync their important files from Google Drive.
  • All Year 6 and 7 student laptops are to be taken home over the summer and brought back to school in excellent condition in September.
Class Laptop Exchange Date
6A Thursday, June 6
6B Friday, June 7
6C Friday, June 7
6L Thursday, June 6
7B Friday, June 7
7F Wednesday, June 5
7G Thursday, June 6
7M Friday, June 7
7P Thursday, June 6
7T Thursday, June 6

Sarah Barclay sbarclay@ucc.on.ca