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Year 6 & 7 | A message from Individuals and Societies department

In Year 6 Individuals and Societies, students have been using the concept of conflict to explore the rise and fall of Ancient Rome. Through the statement of inquiry that drives the learning process – Is conflict a necessary change agent to achieve a fairer society? – students learn about the different types of conflict that can permeate a society, the types of governmental structures that ensure equality for all and how a victory on the battlefield can often lead to a series of lasting negative consequences. Students will assume the role of talented Roman orators, demonstrating their learning through impassioned speeches and lively debates. This unit provides the perfect backdrop to explore similar themes currently taking place in the world and, as we have been doing throughout the school year, students continue to sharpen their media literacy skills by reading and discussing the news on a daily basis. 

In Year 7, students have started exploring First Contact between the Europeans and the Canadian First Nations People. The goal will be for each student to produce a five-paragraph essay on the leadership qualities of different actors that played an important during the time of First Contact. Throughout this second unit, students will be engaged in challenging discussions regarding the role of empathy as a determinant for successful interactions between different cultures. Similar to the Year 6 students, Year 7 students will also continue to sharpen their media literacy skills by reading and discussing the news on a daily basis.

To further extend the learning at home, we encourage parents to continue to engage students in discussions of current events. Encouraging students to explore different areas of the news will provide them with prior knowledge that they will be able to use in all of our class discussions.

David Fraser
Peter Gray
Max Perren
Missy McCleary
Anthony Chandler
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Individuals and Societies Teachers