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Year 5 update on learning

Dear Year 5 families,

We are currently wrapping up our PYP unit, How the World Works with a focus on energy sources. 

  • The students were grouped into an energy source (wind, solar, geothermal, fossil fuels, nuclear, biomass) based on their interests. 
  • They wrote and researched 7 key questions on their source: form, function, change, connection, causation, perspective, and responsibility. 
  • These questions guide their research and give them a greater understanding of their energy source. Please ask your child all about their research!

The next step is connected to the end of the year media unit. 

  • The students learn the key aspects of marketing. 
  • They create a product to highlight their energy source and then a commercial to advertise its advantage. One-sided, you wonder?  
  • In addition to studying and presenting their own energy source, the students engage in a bit of organized spying. They are secretly and passionately researching the advantages and particularly the disadvantages of each other’s energy sources to build towards a friendly debate. 
  • In our friendly debate, the students are required to take questions and defend their energy source. They are working diligently to determine the questions and prepare responses. 

This all builds towards our next unit, Exhibition. Please read the Heads Up article this week all about the upcoming Year 5 Exhibition Day. Please hold Fri, May 8 from 1-3 p.m. free on your calendar. You will not want to miss it. 

In math, we are looking at various ways to analyze data. 

  • The boys explore the differences and similarities between bar graphs, line graphs, line plots, stem and leaf plots, and circle graphs. 
  • The students have spent the past few weeks making examples of each type of graph. 
  • They’ve analyzed not only data but also which graph type is most appropriate towards which data. We’ve used data from Ontario’s energy generation to study, complimenting math and inquiry.

In language, we are in the thick of our novel study, The City of Ember. What an amazing read! The discussions in the class are fantastic and we have explored the topics of fairness, safety, government impact, and electricity through the eyes of Lina and Doon. 

  • To compliment our novel study, we also look at vocabulary from the novel to expand our daily use of words. 
  • We continue our look at literary devices and sentence structure to build writing skills. 
  • We have written and found examples of similes, metaphors, personification, mood, irony (situational, dramatic and verbal), flashbacks and types of conflict. Our next step is to incorporate these writing features and literary devices into our work.


Jen Harper, Lisa Fleming and Paul Faggion
Year 5 Advisers