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Year 5 peacekeepers begin service

The Year 5 HLS classes are concluding their HLS unit on Personal Safety and Conflict Resolution. As part of the unit, the students have work on a mini-unit called peacekeepers. The boys are trained to help manage conflicts and misunderstandings that may develop while outside at recess, both on the Primary Playground and the North Prep Field. 

Student peacekeepers are tasked with the job of settling smaller disputes before they escalate. Some of the training received includes:

  • dealing with real-life recess scenarios 
  • how to calm people down
  • the importance of good listening skills
  • how to offer solutions
  • how to de-escalate situations 

All three Year 5 classes participate in this initiative on a voluntary basis. Over 40 of our Year 5 students have volunteered their recess time to participate. 

I wish each of our Year 5 peacekeepers well as they embark on this unique leadership opportunity.

Michael Bushey
Assistant Head of the Prep, Primary Division