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Year 4 update on learning

Dear Year 4 families,

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our three-way conferences. As always, we greatly appreciate your support in your child’s learning. Students have created new goals based on their written reflections from the three-way conferences, and we look forward to supporting them to achieve these goals throughout the spring term.

In math, we are wrapping up our unit in multiplication. Our next unit explores division of large numbers. Similar to our practices in learning and teaching multiplication, we explore different strategies and then ask that the students master a method that is most effective for them. 

In language, we continue to practice the strategies that produce good readers, such as asking questions and making predictions and connections. From a choice of five or six texts, students select a novel to study with a small peer group. Through discussion, we continue to examine how authors use words and punctuation to convey meaning. Beyond the literal meaning of the text, we encourage students to read ‘between the lines’ to make inferences and to even read ‘beyond the lines’ to ponder the bigger picture of why a point might be important for others to understand. In addition to the skills sheets and review of spelling words, reading these novels become part of the regular homework routine.

The Year 4 classes will start a new unit of inquiry about the human body. The central idea is individuals change physically, socially and emotionally over time. Lessons cover different body systems such as the respiratory or circulatory systems. We also look at how people change over time, and how they overcome personal challenges in their lives. Students will be discussing topics for healthy living. Our trip to the Ontario Science Centre was a very exciting launch to this unit and will most certainly encourage many questions over the weeks to come. 

In health and life skills we introduce the idea of puberty and talk about the basic physical changes that occur during this time, as well as the potential accompanying changes in emotions (e.g. feeling uncomfortable because you’re taller or smaller than all your peers) and social relationships (e.g. friendships change as people develop different interests). We also address personal care and hygiene practices associated with the onset of puberty (e.g. regular bathing, wearing deodorant). Please contact Ms. Martha Boyce, the Prep Counsellor and your child’s Health and Life Skills teacher,  with any questions.


Karyn McCormack and Kathryn O’Brien
Year 4 Advisers