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Year 3 update on learning

Dear Year 3 families,

We are in the midst of the unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. In this unit, we consider what perspective is, how people share their perspective, how we can learn from others’ perspectives and what influences ours. We are investigating picture books such as The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and multiple versions of Cinderella to see how the stories are told from different perspectives. 

We are also reading the novel Bunnicula and trying to see both Harold (the dog) and Chester’s (the cat) perspectives on whether Bunnicula is a bunny or a vampire. The students will soon start their persuasive letters to convince us of their perspective on Bunnicula, bunny or vampire! 

The Year 3 form teachers are trying a pilot math project for the next six weeks. As you know, we currently use the Everyday Math Program as a resource for teaching and learning. For our multiplication and division unit, we are piloting the Singapore Math program as the resource. The Year 3 team has been investigating a series of different math programs in an effort to refine and improve our math program.

Thank you for your continued support, 

Ms. Van Haarlem and Ms. Crippin
Year 3 Advisers