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Year 2s off to the nation’s capital April 23

All Year 2 students are off to Ottawa to explore our capital city and its rich history next week. We’ll leave Thursday, April 23 at 7 a.m.

Itinerary highlights will include the new Canadian War Museum, the Diefenbunker, the Museum of Space and Aviation, a tour of Parliament and a night at the National Arts Centre. The boys will experience firsthand the results of 148 years of Confederation. They have spent two years learning about Canadian democracy, the political process, our contributions through two World Wars and the birth of an independent, modern nation that has earned international respect and recognition as one of the best places to live in the world. The overriding theme for both the Civics and Canadian history courses has been identity, understanding the ideals that define us as Canadians and celebrating our diversity in an increasingly interconnected global community.

It looks like mainly sunny skies and decent weather for our journey. I wanted to clarify a few details for our trip:

Departure: Boys should arrive at the north entrance (Kilbarry) no later than 6:45 a.m.

Dress Code: Smart casual with the following guidelines:
1. No sweatpants or gym shorts to be worn in public
2. Comfortable walking shoes, jeans or khakis, golf or casual shirt, spring jacket, sweater, daypack, water bottle, clothes for three days

Behaviour: Students are expected to act appropriately at all times and remember they’re representing UCC. Students will be assigned to one of 10 chaperones and will be responsible to report to that person throughout the trip. We’ll adhere to strict enforcement of the school’s Code of Conduct and Drug and Alcohol Policy as outlined in the Family Handbook.

Technology: Students can bring their cell phones but must turn them off at all venues. They’ll be provided emergency contact numbers for chaperones.

Spending Money: Boys will need to buy lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as well as dinner on Friday evening, plus incidentals. (suggested $100-$150)

We’ll stop en route but boys are encouraged to bring healthy, nut-free snacks for the bus ride.

Return (estimated time): 6 p.m., Saturday, April 25

Emergency Contact Numbers:

Michael Mirkovich 416-797-1113
Steven McKell 416-795-8753
Delta Ottawa City Centre 613-237-3600

We’re looking forward to a great trip!

Michael Mirkovich
Trip Co-ordinator