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Year 2 | Update

Year 2 is off to a fabulous start! It’s been an absolute pleasure learning and growing alongside the Year 2 students.

The Year 2 writers have been working with admirable focus to craft their Personal Narrative Stories. We often hear, “Can we keep writing?!” The passion for writing is contagious within our classrooms. We are studying Master Author Jane Yolen, who has taught us that authors don’t just tell any story – they tell meaningful stories that make readers feel and think. Students are using their five senses to magnify their writing with detail, focusing on stretching out a small moment from their lives. We look forward to supporting students’ continued development as writers and can’t wait to see what they publish! Yesterday, students engaged in an authors’ celebration. They shared their published procedural writing with the Year 2 students at Bishop Strachan School via Google Meet! 

Each Friday we look forward to Speakers Corner. Speakers Corner allows students to build their confidence as a presenter and share their knowledge on a topic of interest. We have loved learning more about students’ pets, hobbies and memorable vacations, and look forward to learning more about our learners and their interests next term! 

We are concluding our second unit of inquiry, Marvelous Machines. This unit allowed students to explore the physics of how simple machines work. Through conducting interviews, students concluded that machines were invented to “make life easier” and “help us do complex things.” Students thoroughly enjoyed diving deep into the six simple machines and it didn’t take long for them to realize that machines are all around us! Students recently designed playground proposals for a ‘Toronto Playground Developer’ through which they included equipment composed of simple machines. 

In math we have been studying number sense and numeration. Students have worked diligently to grasp the concepts of three-digit addition and subtraction, with regrouping. Students use place value disks and charts to further develop their understanding of regrouping. The use of manipulatives has consolidated learning and provided students with a hands-on approach to math. ‘Math Talks’ is a fan favourite among Year 2 students, which allows boys to share aloud their mathematical thinking when solving problems.

It didn’t take long for the Year 2 students to build community in their classrooms and the students continue to amaze us each day. We recently challenged the boys to donate their favourite meal to the Food Bank, and they eagerly rose to the occasion. Year 2 is filled with kindness, curiosity, laughter and of course, an occasional dance party!

Thank you to the Year 2 families for your continued support and collaboration. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to hearing about the students’ adventures over the break in the new year.

All the best,

Riley Carter and Kate Barrett 
Year 2 Team