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Year 12 at-a-glance

All Ontario universities to which you have applied must respond by May 27 with an offer of admission, a refusal, or a deferral pending receipt of additional information. For Ontario universities, June 1 is the earliest date by which universities may require a response from you. You may, of course, either accept or decline an offer before the response deadline. Please note that, in many cases, tuition and residence deposits must be received by that date, so you will not want to leave your decision until then.

In the case of Ontario universities, you can respond to an offer of admission online through the OUAC website. Accepting an offer of admission from one university does not cancel the candidate’s application to other universities. However, an applicant may have only one acceptance of an offer from an Ontario university on file at any given time. If you accept an offer of admission from one university, you can change your mind if you get a later offer from one that you would prefer to attend. You simply cancel the previously accepted offer and indicate your revised choice. You indicate your acceptance of an offer using the “Review and Change Your Completed Application” section on the OUAC website.