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Year 11 and 12 assessment calendars

The below charts indicate DP summative assessments planned for the week of February 3-7. For a personalized schedule of assessments students should check their individual ManageBAC calendar.

Y11 assessment calendar  

Y11 assessments – February 3-7
Engl lang and lit creative assignment
Engl lit mock paper 2 (in class)
Mandarin A test
Spanish A test
Chemistry SL test (Vance only)
Math HL/SL A&A IA draft
Math A&I HL IA draft
Math SL A&I test
Visual art HL project 3
TOK – practice presentation

Y12 assessment calendar

Y12 assessments – February 3-7
Engl lang and lit HL/SL written tasks final
English LIT SL/HL creative
Mandarin A SL test
Spanish A SL test
History HL AI final
Geography test
Chem SL IA draft due
Computer science SL/HL IA final
Music – required work
Theatre HL research presentation mock