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Year 1 to IB1 laptop exchange

All Year 1 to IB1 students will receive a new laptop this month.

We’re happy to say that the boys won’t be sitting through an hour-long training session this time (for those of you who remember the process three years ago). Instead, the boys can pick up the new computer when they drop off the old one. For this to happen smoothly, it’s important that the boys do work in advance of the laptop exchange. There are detailed instructions on the “Laptop Exchange 2016” available on Haiku for the boys, including what to do before the computer is dropped off, how to return it and get a new one, and what to do once the boys have their new computer.

In general:
Boys must have removed all of their data from the old computer. (We’ll be wiping the data from the computer so there’s no need to do that before it’s dropped off.)

They must have watched a short video that explains the acceptable use policy and the student agreements. They won’t get their new computer, nor will we accept their old one, until this happens.

There are instructions on laptop set-up so the machines are ready for curriculum use in September.

To support the boys, we’ve put a number of strategies in place:
The Haiku site has many resources to support the boys and their transition.

Peer support was available during lunch in the library to help the boys move, clean or back up their data until June 7.

There will be scheduled times after the drop-off where boys can come in. The schedule for these drop-offs will come later in the month.

The last day for this exchange is Friday, June 17 by noon.

If the boys follow all of the instructions, this process should go very smoothly. The new laptops should suit their curriculum needs very well.