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Year 1 | Update

We have recently started our third unit of inquiry, “Tell Me a Story”. The central idea is that people share stories to provide information and to entertain. Students began this unit by deconstructing well-known stories to their base elements: setting, characters, problem, climax, resolution and ending. They then plotted their tales and realized that stories need to have a problem, or rising action, to make them interesting. This has sparked some increasingly creative storytelling in the Year 1 classrooms. Reading and talking about stories is definitely a hit. 

Our goal before the winter break is to explore different ways of sharing stories. In the past this has always been a play performance. But with 2020 there comes many opportunities to creatively problem solve so this year be on the lookout for a link to a special movie premiere! The boys have been introduced to their scripts and are soon to start planning scene locations, props and costume designs.

A big part of this unit is also writing stories. In the past weeks students have been introduced to their new creative writing notebooks where they can brainstorm ideas, write stories and create illustrations. It has been most entertaining for the whole class as many students choose to share what they have written with the group. Most days start with at least one student asking if they will be writing in their journals that day.  

We will carry on with the use of our writer’s checklist to ensure our best work is on the page. Self and peer editing is a skill that will grow throughout this unit and beyond. We will also focus on the different parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives) to really add rich detail to our writing.

In math, we continue to be engaged in addition and subtraction using a number of different tools such as the number line, hundreds chart and concrete manipulatives. Students are encouraged to explain their mathematical thinking, as we often hear, “I just know”, in response to teacher prompting. This deep dive into number sense and basic computation to 10 and beyond sets the foundation for all future learning. Students are really enjoying opportunities to expand their thinking and learning with the many games and hands on activities in class. 

We are starting to get into the festive spirit and are always thinking about ways we can spread kindness in our school community. Ask your son about how he filled a bucket at school today. This could be holding a door, helping a friend or even making sure the classroom is extra tidy before being dismissed. Any act of kindness, no matter how small, makes an impact. 

Finally, take care of yourselves and your family over the upcoming winter break. We all deserve a little extra care and kindness this year. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!

Christie Gordon
Year 1

Upcoming dates:

Year 1 Movie Premiere TBD
Final day before Winter Break
Casual Dress Day
Friday, December 18
First Day Back
Classes Resume
Sunday, January 5