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Y1 integrative thinking workshop on Dec. 12 at Branksome Hall

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I-Think Intro letter
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Integrative thinking is the capacity to think and act productively in the face of multiple and often conflicting perspectives of oneself, the world and others. While most of us like to think we’re open-minded, we often struggle to break free from the way we see the world.

This day-long program on Friday, Dec. 12 will give students an opportunity to challenge the way they think about complex problems and learn new tools for broadening their points of view and becoming better critical thinkers.

This will be a co-educational experience with the Grade 8 girls at Branksome Hall. It’s a full-day program at Branksome delivered by faculty from both schools along with the professionals from the Rotman School of Management.

This program draws on content from the integrative thinking curriculum at the Rotman School of Management with a focus on two areas of interaction from the Middle Years IB curriculum: “approaches to learning” and “human ingenuity.” The areas of focus include:

  • Learning to learn: How does the brain process information? Why do different people perceive similar things differently than us? What can we learn from those who disagree with us?
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills: Are there multiple ways to approach the same problem? What are the processes we go through when we try to solve a complicated problem? Are there more or less effective ways to approach problem-solving?
  • Our creative minds: How does creative thinking help us become better problem solvers? How can opposing ideas lead us to innovate and create new solutions?