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Writing is for the birds

As the late fall term came to a close, students in Year 7 Language & Literature classes engaged in some creative writing… 

Some say creative writing is “for the birds”. We in the Language & Literature Department couldn’t agree more! That is exactly what students did – they researched a bird species, learned about its characteristics and behaviours and then wrote a poem about their chosen bird. 

While also learning about various species students learned about literary and poetic devices (tricks, tools and tips) to write an entertaining poem. Please see below for one of the poems created before winter break. Enjoy!

Brian Green
Subject Coordinator, Language and Literature (Middle Years)

The Jungle Hunter

By Kotaro Tanaka, 7S

Towering trees of the South Americas,
Home to a diverse family
Eyes of the apex predator,
The bright, white, plumage of the great raptor

Eyes locked like keys with a chain
Anything it can carry
It will take
Diving like an elite air strike

Wings stretched
Talons far-fetched
Its knives dig in,
Four inches in flesh

Wings are pounding
A spider monkey in its grip
Flying, gliding away,
Trying to keep it at bay. 

Lightning and thundering,
Bones are cracking
The chicks are squeaking
The father is returning…