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Winter term athletic team sign-up and try-outs

Year 4
All boys in Year 4 will have the opportunity to try out for one of three basketball teams during their games periods in November. While we encourage all boys to try out for one of the three teams, it’s not compulsory.  It’s important to note there are several Saturday commitments for these teams, two of which are compulsory all-day events.  For more information about Form 4 athletics please click here.

U10 C Basketball (12-14) – Ms. Sarah Campbell
U10 B Basketball (12-14) – Ms. Reggie Reyes
U10 A Basketball (12-14) – Ms. Dianne Jojic

Years 5-7
All boys in Year 5 to 7 will be signing up for the team they’d like to try out for on Friday, Nov. 3. All options will be presented to the boys during the day on Friday and they’ll have an opportunity to meet briefly with the coach of the team.

Try-outs for all winter teams will begin on Monday, Nov. 6 and will be held during the boys’ games period for the next few weeks (even days for boys in Year 5, Days 2,4,5,6 and 8 for Year 6 and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for boys in Year 7)

Please discuss these opportunities with your son to help him make an informed choice. Your son can only play on one representative school team, but has the opportunity to try out for any teams he wishes.

All other information will be available from your son’s coaches. Commitment letters can be found attached to this article. The commitment letter outlines the commitment necessary to be a team member and important information related to the season. They are also already posted on the team pages on Goblues.ca.

For boys trying out for a hockey team, full equipment is required and can be dropped off at the arena’s team dressing room first thing in the morning on tryout days. This room will be locked after 8:45 a.m. and reopened when the boys go over to change.

Boys trying out for basketball will need their full physical education uniform, including a tracksuit and a pair of clean, indoor-only shoes with non-marking soles. Boys without clean shoes won’t be able to try out, as it makes the floor unsafe for others.

Boys trying out for the swim team will need a bathing suit and a towel. Goggles are highly recommended. Caps and team suits will be provided to boys on the team.

The numbers in bold after the representative school teams are the approximate numbers for that team.

Year 5
Representative school programs

  • U11 basketball (12) – Ms. Van Harlaam
  • Form 5 hockey (17) – Mr. Hustler and Mr. Girard
  • U11 swimming (no limit) – Mr. Babits and Ms. Kawasoe

Intramural activities

• Ice hockey
• Basketball

Year 6
Representative school programs

• U12A basketball (12) – Ms. Martin
• U12B basketball (12) – Mr. Bardai and Ms. Altomare
• U12A hockey (17) – Mr. Bullock and Mr. Cloutier
• U12 swimming (no limit) – Ms. Trelford

Intramural activities
• Ice hockey
• Basketball

Year 7
Representative school programs
• U13A basketball (12) – Mr. Fraser
• U13B basketball (12) – Mr. Manning
• U14 (Gr. 7) hockey (17) – Mr. Perren and Mr. Green
• U13 swimming (no limit) – Mr. Labancz

Intramural activities
• Ice hockey
• Basketball



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School



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