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Winter physical education activities

images-1It’s October already and time to start planning for our winter activities.

Here are some specific requirements for some of our winter units:

Form 6: Skating (skates, helmet with full cage, gloves) and aquatics (suitable shorts, towel, goggles).
Form 7: Skating (skates, helmet with full cage, gloves).

Form 6 will begin its rotation during the week of Monday, Nov. 2 with units of five classes, as follows.
6B: Aquatics, skating, badminton, table tennis
6C: Table tennis, aquatics, skating, badminton
6M: Badminton, table tennis, aquatics, skating
6T: Skating, badminton, table tennis, aquatics

Form 7 will begin its winter activities on Monday, Nov. 23 as follows:
7B: Skating followed by gymnastics
7C: Gymnastics followed by skating
7F: Skating followed by gymnastics
7G: Gymnastics followed by skating
7M: Gymnastics followed by skating
7P: Skating followed by gymnastics