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Who has Rao Cup table tennis bragging rights?

Seaton’s and Wedd’s students gathered in the Preparatory School gym on Sunday, Dec. 12 to battle for boarding community table tennis bragging rights.

It was a great exhibition with 18 students representing each house. Six matches were played simultaneously, and there were three rounds and some exciting matches. Students in the tournament ranged from Year 8 to Year 12.

In the end, Wedd’s was the victor, but both teams departed asking for a re-match in the new year. Many thanks to Mr. Michael Bushey for coordinating the tournament, and to the Rao Cup Commissioners for assisting with the organizing of matches.

Chisom Ochuba on the forehand

Ludo Tardif vs. Tre Ahn

Mr. Sontag vs. Tre Ahn

Rao Cup table tennis 2021