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Who are we?

The University Counselling Office is composed of five individuals: Ms. Katherine Ridout (Director), Ms. Nili Isaacs (Associate Director), Mr. Michael Munshaw (Associate Director), Mr. Andrew Turner (Director of Residential Life/Boarding Counsellor), and Ms. Leigh Berndsen (Coordinator).

Ms. Ridout works with students in Martland’s and McHugh’s; Mr. Munshaw is responsible for students in Bremner’s, Howard’s, and Jackson’s; Ms. Isaacs counsels students in Mowbray’s, Orr’s, and Scadding’s; Mr. Turner oversees boys in Seaton’s and Wedd’s.  Ms. Berndsen schedules all appointments, provides supporting documentation for applications, and answers many of the questions that arise on a regular basis.

We are located in the south end of the Student Centre Office or you can contact us by telephone or e-mail:

Ms. Berndsen lberndsen@ucc.on.ca ext. 2262

Ms. Ridout kridout@ucc.on.ca ext. 2264

Ms. Isaacs, nisaacs@ucc.on.ca ext. 2260

Mr. Munshaw, mmunshaw@ucc.on.ca  ext. 3210

Mr. Turner aturner@ucc.on.ca ext. 2500