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What’s inside: November 4, 2021

Whole School:

Recording | The Ripple Effect with Dr. Greg Wells
Gingerbread houses for sale
Save the dates for Festive Marketplace 2021!
The deadline to apply for financial assistance for 2022–23 is Nov. 15



Message from the Head of the Preparatory School
Education sessions on vaccine rollout for five- to 11-year-olds
Holiday travel guidance

Support the Year 1 crayon drive!
Update from Prep Middle Years math
Update from Prep French
Prep fall Athletics program update
Update on Year 4 Athletics
Update on Year 5 Athletics
Update on Year 6 Athletics
Update on Year 7 Athletics
Year 6–7 | Three-way conference details
PPO Speaker Series | Event recording is available


Reminders for the week ahead…
Extended Essay plans for Leaving Class of 2023
Winter Athletics is set for 2021–22
Year 8 lockers are opening up
Message from the Year 10 coordinator
Year 8–12 | Book your Term B three-way conferences

University Counselling:

Updates from the University Counselling Office
Year 10 and 11 | Enrichment opportunities

Boarding Life:

Varsity football hosts TCS on the Oval