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What’s Inside: December 3, 2020

Whole School:

Online Event | Festive Marketplace ends December 6
Online Event | Festive Auction closes this Sunday
Reminder | UCC Fund tax receipt
Community Event | The future of health care in North America
Recording | Building resilience with Dr. Michael Ungar
Shop | Blues Shop catalogue
Shop | UCC crested blankets
Shop | New BBC Blue Army pyjama bottoms
Shop | Limited time only – UCC crested jackets



Message from Tanya Sweeney
Introducing DJ Rossi ’07
SK | Update
Year 1 | Update
Middle Years | Design update


Co-curricular | Urban hiking
Donate | Upper School food drive
Parent Event | Year 8 social on December 3
Parent Event | Year 9 slide presentation
Parent Event | Year 11 social on December 8

University Counselling:

Year 12 | At-a-glance
Year 11 | Student meetings
Year 10 | Course selection information sessions
Event | Open virtual visits
Walter’s weekly fun fact