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What’s happening in Primary PHE?

SK boys just completed a three-week unit at the rink where they improved their balance and skating stride. They’re just starting a gymnastics unit and will work towards performing a routine with simple movements and balances.

Form 1 boys are in the middle of their active games unit.

Form 2 boys have completed the striking and fielding and co-operative games units this fall and are on the ice working towards improving their balance and stride, culminating with a mini broomball tournament.

UnknownForm 3 boys are in the pool looking at good streamlining and the effect it has on swimming. Boys in 3C have begun a net games unit in the sports bubble. Both classes just finished a skating unit that ended with a colour house broomball tournament won by the Blue house.

Form 4 boys have finished their basketball tryouts and participated in their first team practices and games. They started their skating unit this week and will continue to have team basketball practices on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Form 5 boys have just completed their first winter rotation. Boys in 5M prepared gymnastics sequences in small groups based around the idea that the sequences are judged on aesthetics and level of difficulty. Each form will rotate through gymnastics, skating and swimming throughout the winter.