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Wernham West Centre for Learning – Organization is Key!

The start of the school year has a feeling of starting afresh.  It is an opportunity to set some goals and put routines into place. Organization is a skill that requires routines. Checking agendas regularly, packing a school bag the night before, looking at a calendar to the week ahead – all of these things help students get organized and feel ready for learning.

Taking time to have a conversation about school routines is a great way to set up for success. 

The Wernham West Centre for Learning will also have some new organizational tools. As we move into this school year, we are using a new system to help us with many of our routines, including our One Page Reports (OPR) for boys. The transition to the new system will benefit our parents, teachers and above all our boys. We anticipate the final copy of a boy’s OPR to be released to parents by mid-October at the latest. Rest assured that information pertinent to the success of your son has already been shared with his teachers. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Coordinators, Polly Baxter (SK to Year 5), Tina Jagdeo (Year 6 and 7) or me. We would be pleased to help you and your son.  

Barbara Kawasoe

Interim Director, Wernham West Centre For Learning

Year 8 Coordinator – Upper School