Heads Up

Welcome to Heads Up, your one-stop source for news about your son’s upcoming activities and events.

Welcome to your first issue of Future Ties!

Each week, information about the university research and application process will be communicated to you and your parents, mainly through this newsletter. It is crucial, therefore, that you check your school e-mail account on a regular basis. Your parents will receive their copy of Future Ties as part of Heads Up each Thursday.

The newsletters will discuss significant issues and contain important practical information regarding deadlines, application workshops, meetings with university representatives, and scholarships. They will also address questions that students and parents have asked us and that we think are of general interest.

Read each issue carefully so that you won’t miss any facet of the University Counselling or Career Studies program. All the back issues will be posted on your UCO PowerSchool page and also on the UCC website. Consult the kiosk or window outside our office door in the Student Centre for related news items and postings on upcoming events.

This first issue is designed to provide an overview of some of the services we offer.  Please read it carefully.  If you participate fully in these programs and give some serious thought over the next twelve months to what you will be doing just a year-and-a-half from now, you will feel much more confident about the important decisions ahead.