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Welcome from Dr. Jeff Aitken, Head of the Upper School

Please allow me to extend a warm welcome to the academic year. It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome students back to the campus, engaged again in classrooms and co-curricular activities.

I very much enjoyed observing and participating in some of the orientation activities, both for new and returning students. These days were a wonderful way to introduce our students to life on campus again. I was encouraged to see their energy and enthusiasm for some of the important things in regular school life — assemblies, lunch time, sports, activities, music, drama, and even for the most part their lessons! As I mentioned to the Upper School in our first whole school assembly, these experiences feel like a first for many of us due to the time we’ve been away from life in school. With these firsts comes an opportunity to start fresh and start strong as we begin what will be an exciting but also challenging academic year.

Please also allow me to extend my thanks to the many students and parents who have reached out with warm words of welcome for my family and me; we are heartened by the sense of community here at UCC.

Thank you again. I look forward to knowing you more and in person at some point.