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Weekend cultural dinner at Dim Sum King in Chinatown

Last Friday evening we took 25 boarders to Dim Sum King in Chinatown. For some students, this was a brand new area of Toronto they hadn’t explored before. We sat at big round tables and feasted on a delicious variety of traditional Cantonese dishes, which were shared by the group. Our boarders were a mix of seasoned dim sum goers and boys who were having this type of food for the first time. There was such an awesome community feel to this dining experience and we had a wonderful time.

Submitted by Denise Hui Bon Hoa, Residential Assistant

A little full after dining at Dim Sum King

Boarders mastering chopsticks

Boarders out on the town for dinner

Residential Assistant, Denise HBH dining out in Chinatown

Residential Assistant, Jon Heffernan & Emma Kanga dining out with Seaton’s & Wedd’s