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Weekend boarder badminton tournament

On Saturday, Nov. 16 Seaton’s Prefect, James Liao initiated a friendly badminton tournament for boarders. The tournament attracted 18 students; there was great action in the Lett Gym over the course of the afternoon. James believes that November is a stressful month; boarders need an escape from the tests and assignments that mount near the end of the term.

The final “championship” match featured Andy Wang (Y12 Wedd’s) and Henry Yan (Y10 Wedd’s) versus Finn McDermott (Y11 Wedd’s) and Michael Goralski (Y11 Wedd’s). There was a great display of skill and teamwork in the final match, but in the end, Finn and Michael prevailed. Congratulations to all participants and a special thank you to James Liao for organizing a great November stress relief activity.