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We Will Rock You: Feb. 19-22

What: We Will Rock You
Date: Feb. 19-22 at 7 p.m and Feb. 22 at 1 p.m.
Location: BSS Upper Theatre, 298 Lonsdale Road
Tickets available online.

The songs of Queen have long been associated with sports events, rock anthems and tunes that drive crowds into a fervour. In the world of We Will Rock You, these songs take on a larger meaning as battle-cries for activism and empowerment in the face of a dystopian future, one ravaged by climate change. Corporate culture targeted the creation of music as something to be suppressed, and in the world of iPlanet in 2112, the youth respond.

The freedom fighters are led by Galileo (Jonah Fleischer) and Scaramouche (Emma Coulson), as they join the underground rebellion against Killer Queen (Elliott Ingram) and his underling Khashoggi (Michael Young). What follows is a show filled with amazing songs for the whole family, with opportunities to sing and dance along with the cast, and a rocking band full of UCC musicians.

Tickets are limited and several shows are close to sold out! Get your 70’s or 80’s rock era gear on and come out to the show. Prizes will be awarded to the best Queen era outfits.