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Varsity Volleyball

The Varsity Volleyball team hosted St. Andrew’s College in a spectacular show of skill and determination on Nov. 2. It was a CISAA semi-final match that will be remembered at future class reunions. The match lasted the maximum five sets and any of the sets could have gone either way. There were great serves, outstanding blocks and excellent communication leading to plenty of awesome points. On this day, UCC did not come out on the winning end of the battle, but it was an inspiring way to end a successful season.

We are very proud of the UCC boarders that contributed so well to a wonderful Friday afternoon display of sportsmanship and resilience. Chris Core (Wedd’s), Finn McDermott (Wedd’s) and Michael Goralski (Wedd’s) should all be very proud of their effort.

Chis Core following a point gained

Chris Core saving the day

Chris Core setting up a teammate

Finn preparing to serve

Finn McDermott serving

Michael Goralski preparing to serve

Michael Goralski waiting for the SAC return