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Varsity hockey alum connects with current students

Varsity hockey alum Syl Apps III ’95 joined the varsity team at practice on Tuesday, Dec. 14. His task was to assist the current team with faceoff strategy. Syl was the captain of the varsity team in 1995, before going on to be captain of the Princeton University hockey team in 1999. He then enjoyed time playing for the St. John’s Maple Leafs in the AHL before returning to graduate school.

The connections that boarders make with day students is a testament to the clout of the UCC co-curricular program. Syl hailed from the GTA, but he made friends for life with students boarding from Montreal and Quebec City through the hockey program. The same connections happen through theatre, music, community service and an assortment of clubs at UCC.

Thanks to Syl for joining the team at practice this week, and thanks to the seven boarders on varsity hockey who are developing new friendships with day students — a great tradition continues.

Syl Apps playing for St. John’s Maple Leafs.

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