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Upper School first full report card sent Jan. 19

Dear parents,

On Monday, Jan. 19, you’ll be emailed your son’s report card including subject grades and comments, summarizing his performance since September. You should receive the email with the attached report card by 4 p.m. His attendance record over the same period of time is also reported. The report card should be retained for future reference.

Please note that the co-curricular activities included on the first full report card in January are limited to those activities completed by the December break. These will typically be first term athletics and any activity that is completed in the fall. The full complement of comments for co-curricular activities will be included on the second full report card in June (April for IB2 students). This takes the place of a separate co-curricular/CAS report.

At the Upper School, a variety of regular formal reporting procedures keep parents informed of their sons’ progress and share ways in which students, parents and teachers can work together to promote the overall engagement and success of each boy.

For your information, the following are the remaining reporting points for the current academic year:

February Parent/Teacher Interviews: Thursday, Feb. 5 (2-5:30 p.m. and 6:30-8 p.m.) and Tuesday, Feb. 10 (9-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m.). Teachers will communicate a student’s overall standing to date, including assessments completed since the beginning of January. Online sign-up will start on Thursday, Jan. 22 at 9 a.m. Please click on the link included for instructions on how to book PT interview appointments.

Second Interim Report – Y1 – IB1 (April): This report provides a learning skills assessment for each subject, cumulative attendance statistics and the adviser’s comment. In addition, subject teachers indicate whether a student is “at,” “above” or “below” his January level of achievement.

Second Full Report – IB2 only (April): This is the final report issued to IB2 students by UCC. This report will include the final adviser comment and comments for co-curricular activities.

Second Full Report – Y1 – IB1 (June): This is the final report issued to students in Y1 to IB1 and includes subject grades, June exam marks, teacher comments, final attendance data and comments for co-curricular activities. There is no final adviser comment.

We acknowledge that grades are an important benchmark of student progress, but they don’t wholly define a boy. Learning is a dynamic process through which each student moves at his own pace and while we do recognize the importance of grades as boys look at post-secondary options, we ask you to pay particular attention to the comments. Of greatest value to your son is to help him outline a concrete plan of action that should include a conversation between him and his teacher. This “growth mindset” approach is key to build resilience, confidence and your son’s ability to take responsibility for himself.

If you do have further specific questions upon receipt of the January report card, please contact your son’s adviser and/or subject teachers.

Kind regards,

Dr. Julia L. Kinnear
Academic Dean