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Update | Experience Year 5 PYP Exhibition

Year 5 students have been consolidating their research into key findings for their concept questions. Each student is producing a slideshow featuring his research and this will be shared with you on Exhibition Day on the group website, which they are beginning to work on in design.

In art, taking action through art is beginning to take shape as students determine how best to share learning and teach others through a creative representation. Art pieces will be featured on student websites.

Up until this point, much of the work that has been done has been individual. However, we are entering the part of the process where student collaboration will be in focus. 

In French, exhibition groups have been meeting to create a representation of an Exhibition message in French. This too will be shared on student websites. 

The creation of the website represents the biggest collaborative aspect of the Exhibition process. Students will need to make decisions as a group around the layout, design details and message. As always, criteria will be provided and students are reminded to reach out for assistance if groups need help navigating these group decisions.

We look forward to sharing student learning with you on May 14. We are still working out the format of the day. It will be a mixture of live and asynchronous aspects. Timing will be provided to assist with parent planning. To facilitate the live online aspects; please expect live timings offered throughout the day. 

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator