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Update | Year 4 learning and activity

We hope everyone had an enjoyable winter break and is enjoying the first few weeks back at school (albeit virtually!). The organizational skills of the students have been put to use as they have navigated their way through the new CLP schedule and asynchronous online learning experiences. We have been impressed with their abilities to adapt, problem-solve and self-advocate for assistance. They seem to be having fun and learning lots along the way. At home, we have appreciated your help to support their learning when challenges arise.

In math, we wrapped up a unit on multiplication and geometry before the winter break and will revisit these topics later this term with increasing complexity. Currently, we are studying fractions. After exploring ways to determine fraction equivalence, students will practice comparing and ordering fractions. Students will also examine fractional representations using number lines and decimals. Connecting to our previous lessons on measurement, the problem-solving activities in this unit will often use measurement as the context for the number stories. Please see the Everyday Mathematics Family Letters to support your student with Do Anytim’ activities. These letters provide key vocabulary and content information.

In language, we will begin book clubs over the next few weeks. Students will be working together to read and discuss a novel. Reading these books will become part of their regular routine and they should be following a specific schedule to avoid falling behind or reading ahead. They will be applying lessons learned from the first term to discuss key story elements of setting, characterization and plot. In addition, they will be practicing skills of predicting, connecting, inferring and synthesizing.

The Year 4 classes have started a new unit on the human body. The central idea for this unit is that “individuals change physically, socially and emotionally over time.” Classes will be covering different body systems and looking at how people change over time and overcome personal challenges in their lives. They’ll also be talking about healthy living and healthy choices. 

In health and life skills we’ll introduce the idea of puberty and talk about the basic physical changes that occur during this time, as well as the potential accompanying changes in emotions (e.g. feeling uncomfortable because you’re taller or smaller than all your peers) and social relationships (e.g. friendships change as people develop different interests). We’ll also address personal care and hygiene practices associated with the onset of puberty (e.g. regular bathing, wearing deodorant).

If you’ve any questions please feel free to contact us.

Michael Bushey, Karyn McCormack, Mark Ferley and Martha Boyce