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Update | Winter co-curricular program

The fall is coming to a close and our winter co-curricular program is ready to begin. Much like the fall, students will rotate through activities with their cohorts. Below you’ll find a link to a document outlining the different activities and when each cohort will participate in those activities. Please feel free to print this off for home so that your student will be prepared with the appropriate equipment.

Winter Games Rotation

Start Date: Tuesday, November 17

Equipment Requirements:

Basketball | athletic attire, clean indoor-only shoes

Games of low organization | athletic attire, clean indoor-only shoes

Hockey | skates, helmet with cage or full visor, hockey stick and gloves

Net games | athletic attire, clean indoor-only shoes

Ginastica, martial arts and yoga: athletic attire, clean indoor-only shoes

Drama | no special equipment needed

During their hockey rotation, students will be able to store their equipment in the Wilder Arena in the designated locker room (ONLY students will be allowed into the Wilder Arena to drop off equipment). At the beginning of the games period, they will go to the locker room and bring their equipment out into the hallway where they will change and go onto the ice. Students will be divided into two groups and will enter by their designated door onto their half of the ice.

Ginastica, martial arts and yoga are new activities and will be designed with physical distancing in mind. Students will be introduced to individual activities, stretching and strengthening exercises. In all of these activities, yoga mats will be provided and properly disinfected between each session. We possess fogging equipment and already have a protocol in place to fog PE, Games and recess equipment. Students are welcome to bring their own yoga mat.

Students should always come to school ready to spend time outside. If we have a nice day, coaches have been given leeway and encouragement to change their activity to one that is outdoors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Nigel White
Director of Athletics
416-488-1125 ext. 4072