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Update | Get ready for student-led conferences

At the end of the school day today, Thursday, April 29, parents will receive a student-led conference menu by email from their child’s Form Adviser. This “menu” will feature a series of activities, which may include demonstrations, play, show and tell, and/or reflection, for your child to lead you through their learning progress at home. 

SK–Year 4 parents are encouraged to open the “menu” on their own device and use it with their child to guide your meeting. Students may be asked to access activities or reflections on SeeSaw or other apps on their student device. Your child will facilitate the meeting, with your support when necessary.

In Year 5, both parents and students will receive the “menu” of activities. Your child will be able to guide the meeting on their student laptop, as they are able to use multiple tabs simultaneously with ease.

Please make time with your child over the course of the next few days to participate in the student-led conferences, at-home edition. We hope that by May 6, you and your child will have had the opportunity to review the work and activities together. As usual, there will be a reflective aspect to the sharing of learning and your time together. Reminders will be provided through your child’s Form Adviser in the agenda. 

In the Primary division, the student-led conferences represent one way in which formal feedback of learning is provided. The conferences highlight the importance of our partnership between home and school and the development of assessment of capable and reflective learners.

Please dedicate time to this experience and enjoy participating in your child’s student-led conference at home. We are excited to try the student-led conferences in a virtual format. Please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or me (Dianne Jojic) with any questions or feedback about our format this year.

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator