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Update | Student-led conferences

Student-led conferences: Thursday, April 29 

In Primary, formal feedback of learning happens throughout the year in a variety of forms. In the form of report cards, parent-teacher conferences, three-way conferences, and student-led conferences, the partnership between home and school and the development of assessment capable and reflective learners is fostered.

In April, Primary students usually host their parents for their student-led conference. Students facilitate the meeting with their parents or guardians from start to finish. The meeting creates an authentic purpose for good organizational and communication skills and the structure builds students’ sense of responsibility and accountability for their own learning. It also hones their understanding of what it means to meet learning goals.

Given the changes to our school year to date and the fact that we cannot host parents in the building, we will be modifying this year’s student-led conference format. Students will attend a regular school day on April 29 and the student-led conference will take place at home, at a time that best serves the family.

A conference “menu” will be sent home with your child on April 29. Over the course of the days that follow, your child’s homework will be able to guide you through the learning “menu” at home. As usual, there will be a reflective aspect to your time together and the sharing of learning. 

By providing time and space at home to complete your child’s student-led conference, the instructional day will remain as it usually does and students will attend school on April 29. 

We’re excited to trial this student-led conference in a virtual format this year and look forward to sharing student learning with you in this way. 

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator