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Update on IB2 exams

IB2 students have been writing exams since Friday, Dec. 4.; their challenge is to recall material and demonstrate skills that have been learned since beginning the IB Diploma Programme in September 2014. The task is daunting; boarders have learned to work co-operatively to review material, often testing each other and never hesitating to approach a student colleague to help close a gap of knowledge when preparing for exams.

The Senior house advisers have made a couple of routine changes to facilitate the best learning environment possible. On weekends at 9:30 a.m. a special continental breakfast is being offered in the Seaton’s and Wedd’s common rooms. It’s their hope an earlier breakfast offering will entice students into rising earlier and sleeping earlier. Students are still being offered morning brunch and dinner at the same times in the upper dining room.

Weekend evening curfew is also earlier. All students are expected home no later than 10 p.m.; every student must be in his own room by 11 p.m. The goal is to have students keeping their weekday study and sleep routine straight through the weekend.

The photos show three boarders doing their best to complete the biology exam on Tuesday. The boys know there’s plenty of faculty support to assist in the evening. Ms. Evans is running a math support group on Monday evening; Mr. Crawford is providing support in film; Dr. Morris is available for math help; Mr. Brown is offering evening assistance in sports science; Mr. McCubbin and Mr. Beaudoin are both available to lend assistance in French review.

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