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Update on Health and Life Skills

Our Health and Life Skills (HLS) program incorporates curriculum from the Ontario Health and Physical Education Program, and in the primary grades it connects, when possible, with PYP units of inquiry and is responsive to teacher requests based on class needs. We have a team of six teachers who deliver the program and are fortunate to have Jill Stewart working with us this year to provide additional HLS and wellbeing programming in Years 3–5.  

With the return to in-person learning, we are aware that it has been some time since students have been in a typical school environment. With this in mind, we’re taking time in HLS classes to focus on some back-to-school basics.  

In the early primary grades, along with form advisers, we are focusing on some foundational social skills such as recognizing and identifying feelings and thinking about how to share them in helpful ways; being mindful of personal space and making sure everyone feels comfortable; and thinking about how our choices affect others, and problem solving. Years 3 and 4 have also started the Umbrella Project program with Ms. Stewart.  This program focuses on building skills to help students get through the normal ups and downs of daily life.  

In an effort to encourage students to advocate for themselves and to understand that it is okay to ask for help, Years 5–7 began the year with an introduction to all of the support people in the school, including Centre for Learning teachers, our nurse, psychologist and Prep counsellor. Students learned about what each person can do and how to get in touch, including through teachers and parents. We will revisit the information about these supports throughout the school year.

Martha Boyce

Prep Counsellor,
Health and Life Skills Teacher and Coordinator