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Update | Individuals and Societies

Year 7 students recently completed their first five-paragraph essay. The essay focused on the first French explorers to reach the shores of North America in the 1600s, Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain. For the essay, the students had to research and complete notes on both explorers and then argue if Champlain or Cartier was a great leader. To develop their arguments the students created a list of characteristics/criteria that they felt were most important in leadership. Just some examples of those criteria include knowledge, empathy, decision-making and risk-taking. During this process, not only did the students learn how to research and write a well-organized five-paragraph essay but also about the historical significance of explorers like Cartier and Champlain, along with the characteristics that are required to be a great leader. 

Year 6 students have been studying the creation of the Roman Republic. They have learned about the foundations of the republic and democracy and the various historical characters that make this period of history so interesting. One such character the students have studied is the great Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca. In class, the students viewed a video describing his rise to power and his unsuccessful attempt to destroy Rome. The boys then had an opportunity to give their opinion of Hannibal by stepping into the shoes of a soldier fighting alongside him. From the perspective of the soldier they wrote a detailed letter home describing what they saw and experienced during one of the greatest military campaigns in history. 

Peter Gray
Middle Years INS Teacher