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Primary | Health and life skills

In health and life skills (HLS) we want students to build their self-awareness and self-advocacy skills, to better understand how those around them are feeling. To help with this, students are asked to check in at the beginning of each HLS class and consider how they’re doing that day and time. They can share with the group and are asked to think about what they need if they’re not doing as well as they would like or are in a situation that they would like or need to change. As they check in with themselves, students also hear how others are doing. Knowing how someone else is feeling can help us think about how we are around them and it can also be reassuring to know you are not the only one feeling tired, worrying about the test next class or so excited about an upcoming activity that you are having difficulty staying focused. 

Once the check-ins are done, each Year level is engaged in a variety of themes. SK has been working on listening to our bodies to help us know what we need. Are we feeling tired or energized? Hungry or thirsty? Is our heart beating fast or are we calm?  

Years 1 to 3 classes have been reviewing problem-solving skills. They’ve been thinking about identifying emotions, calming strategies and have especially been considering if something is their problem, the size of problems and helpful solutions that match in size. Years 1 and 3 are also reflecting on the idea that there can be different perspectives in problem situations.  

Year 4 is in the midst of thinking about the changes that come as children head into puberty, as outlined in a previous Heads Up.

Year 5 is finishing up some work on stress. They’re learning how to recognize stress, that it can actually be helpful at times and about the power of our thoughts in how we think about and manage stressful situations.  

By participating in check-ins through lessons, students are building self awareness, healthy habits and life skills in different ways.  

Martha Boyce
Prep Counsellor
Health & Life Skills Teacher and Coordinator