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Update from Year 5

It is wonderful to be back in school with the buzz of learning. The Year 5s are keen, positive, curious and relishing the opportunity to learn alongside their peers in a classroom setting. 

Through our first unit of inquiry, students are exploring the impact of food on the health of the planet. Prompted by a book walk and photos, students generated guiding questions for our unit. Their inquiries landed us on four common themes to explore: farming, GMOs, transportation and the environmental impact of food. Through articles and videos, students extracted information on the different types of farming while critically thinking about the pros and cons of each. During their first Exhibition class with Ms. Jojic, the Year 5s visited the Prep Learning Garden. At the end of the month Year 5s will have the opportunity to assist in harvesting and preparing the Learning Garden for the winter. We are thoroughly enjoying the rich discussions this unit is generating and look forward to further exploring our learners’ inquiries! 

Students are enjoying our first Math unit: Area and Volume. Through this unit we have reviewed how to calculate the area of rectangles and developed strategies for determining area when provided fractions. We are exploring the concept of volume and utilizing math manipulatives to engage in hands-on learning. Students created rectangular prisms and experimented with different shapes to conclude the cube was the most accurate unit to measure the volume. Through hands-on engagement, students have determined many different ways to find the volume of a shape. 

The Year 5 writers are relishing the opportunity to engage in free writing opportunities. Students are training the muscles in their hands to write for long durations and we look forward to watching them flourish as writers this year. The creativity and imagination of our learners never ceases to amaze us! 

Last Thursday we were thrilled to see a sea of orange making its way around the oval as the Year 5s ran the Terry Fox run while honouring Orange Shirt Day. Both initiatives were met with enthusiasm and dedication and generated rich discussions. Thank you for your support. 

We look forward to the year ahead and watching the Year 5s thrive in their final year of the Primary Years Program.

Riley Carter, Paul Faggion and Jennifer Harper

The Year 5 Team