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Update from Year 4

Hello from Year 4!

We have had an excellent start to the school year jam-packed full of Norval lessons, team sports, curriculum exploration, and rehearsals for some students for the fall play. Ms. Dianne Jojic took both Year 4 classes into the Learning Garden for lessons that connect to our study of Canada through soil studies and rock explorations.

Students are learning the names and locations of our provinces and territories along with their capital cities. After some lessons to instruct and practice research skills, the students will explore different regions of Canada to learn more about their unique physical landforms, cultural history, resources and industries. 

In Language, we have set up our spelling programme and started our first Book Club with the novel, The Lost Sketch. Through shared and guided reading instruction, students will reflect upon the characterization, setting and plot. The story is centred around Canadian artists, specifically the Group of Seven, so the novel ties in well with our current unit study. Throughout this unit, we will continue to provide opportunities for independent reading at school and, please continue to encourage your son to read at home for at least one and a half hours each week. 

In Math, we will be investigating place value to the millions and both multi-digit addition and subtraction. We explore different algorithms in Year 4, but we ask the boys to learn one well for each operation. If you are interested in learning more about the different algorithms, please click here. 

As the cooler weather has arrived, please remind your son to bring his jacket and outdoor shoes to school. The boys will go outside for all recess breaks, including drizzly weather, unless it’s raining hard. Windows will remain open in the classroom, and boys are allowed to wear a sweater if needed. They are encouraged to wear a UCC sweater, but please make sure it is in good condition and blue or grey if they do not have one. 

Parent Speakers in Year 4

In the past, we have been very fortunate to have parent speakers whose background connects to our Inquiry units. This year the visits will be virtual and will be 25–30 minutes in length. Professional knowledge, volunteering, or personal experience all offer a background that could support our program and learning opportunities. It can be as informal as a “Q and A” or a prepared presentation. Either way, the students love hearing and learning from “experts.” Please email Mark Ferley (4F) or Karyn McCormack (4M) if you are interested.

Below is a brief description of the units and examples of individuals who may be interested in speaking.

Early Societies (November and December): Exploring connections to past societies

*Some ideas: historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, archivists

States of Matter (December and January): Learning about the scientific method while exploring states of matter and properties of matter

*Some ideas: scientists, researchers

Human Body (February and March): Looking at the social, emotional and physical changes in our body

*Some ideas: doctors, nurses, dieticians, personal trainers, psychologists, social workers, therapists, athletes, any individuals involved in health and wellness

Communication  (Throughout the year ending in April): Exploring ways we communicate

*Some ideas: artists, musicians, psychologists, individuals in film or television, writers, website designers, translators, individuals who have come to Canada as ESL speakers who would want to share their experience of learning a new language 

Biomes (May and June): Investigating different biomes around the globe and how humans interact and live within these environments

*Some ideas: researchers, scientists, architects, individuals in the environmental field

Thank you for reading,

Karyn McCormack and Mark Ferley