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Update from Year 4

Happy New Year and a very warm welcome back to school. We hope everyone had a wonderful break and is energized for the winter term.

The organizational skills of the students have been put to use as they have navigated their way through the new CLP schedule and asynchronous online learning experiences. We have been impressed with the students’ abilities to adapt, problem-solve, and self-advocate for assistance. They seem to be having fun and learning a lot along the way. We have appreciated your help to support their learning at home when challenges arise.

In math, we wrapped up a unit on multiplication before the winter holiday, and we will revisit these topics later this term with increasing complexity. Currently, we are introducing division as it is inversely related to multiplication and connects to the concept of fact families that we spoke about during addition and subtraction. Students have been introduced to the big idea of division and also to the traditional method of long division. Should students find this challenging and require additional methods, they will also be introduced to partial quotients, short division and repeated subtraction as alternative algorithms. During in-person learning, these would have been instructed and part of knowledge-building conversations; however, they can be confusing in an online setting and the students are better served to learn one algorithm in this forum. 

In language, we will begin book clubs over the next few weeks. Students will be working together to read and discuss the novel Project Alpha. Reading these books will become part of their regular routine, and they should be following a specific schedule to avoid falling behind or reading ahead. They will be applying lessons learned from the first term to discuss key story elements of setting, characterization and plot. In addition, they will be practising skills of predicting, connecting, inferring and synthesizing.

In inquiry, the students were introduced to our new unit on ancient civilizations. The central idea of the unit is that by understanding the past, we can better understand the present. Students will have many opportunities for independent work in this unit both in their research on early civilizations and through mythology research. The main focus of their research is identifying, evaluating and recording supporting ideas for each civilization. Later in the unit, students will be synthesizing information from different societies to find relationships and connections between past civilizations and our current civilizations.

In Health and Life Skills, we will be looking at the power of language in building good relationships, managing conflict and avoiding stereotypes. As part of our Umbrella Project study, this month’s focus will be on authenticity; students will be encouraged to share their interests and beliefs, placing value on being comfortable with themselves and on the idea of being genuine. Finally, as part of our drama and dance study, we will complete our look at the elements of drama (audience, actor, character, time and place, relationship, tension and focus) through a variety of dramatic forms (mime, tableaux, scripted work and improv). 

Wellness Wednesdays started this week. Please encourage your children to do what is best for them and your family on Wednesdays. A list of activities will be posted on Google meets and students are encouraged to join if they are interested. These are not mandatory activities, but rather are there to support the students’ wellbeing if they are needed. 

Information pertaining to the return to school will be shared from the main office. Once we return to school, please remember to follow the screening tools diligently and remind your children to wear their masks and do their part to keep our community safe and healthy. 


Mark Ferley, Karyn McCromack
Year 4 Form Advisers