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Update from Year 3

It has been a wonderful start to the 2021–22 school year. We have focused on settling in and learning new routines. Students have been engaged and excited about sharing ideas and getting to know each other.

In Math, we are wrapping up our place value unit. The Year 3s represented, compared and ordered whole numbers to 1000, using a variety of tools such as base ten materials or drawings of them, and number lines. They learned to identify and represent the value of a digit in a number according to its position in the number and then built on this concept to compose and decompose three-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones in a variety of ways. Another concept that they explored was representing and explaining, using concrete materials, the relationship among the numbers 1, 10, 100, and 1000 using concrete materials. We used games such as “High Roller,” where children had a place value chart to thousands and rolled dice to create the greatest number possible with the amounts that they rolled. Ask them to show you how to play! Maybe you could try for the least amount! Our next unit will explore mental math using two-digit numbers. At home, you can help support this unit by playing simple games to build fluency.

Our Inquiry unit explored “Rights and Responsibilities” within our classroom, homes and the world! Class read-alouds, guided reading, and writing were interwoven throughout the unit, as well as some amazing artwork. Our guiding question was “Is there a relationship between rights and responsibilities?”  We have read books about children around the world and compared and contrasted their rights and responsibilities with ours. The students wrote about the details of their life such as where they live and the responsibilities that they have, and then drew a self-portrait and added any symbols and drawings that they felt were part of their identity. What’s in a name? The classes explored the meaning behind their names with a “take home and report back” activity. It was amazing to further get to know each other and ourselves a little more through all of these activities. We are looking forward to our next unit, Forces, which is a science-based unit where we explore the concepts of friction, gravity and magnetism. 

In Language, we began our “Word Power” spelling program, cursive writing, literacy centres and regular library visits. We have been busy! The students have been writing in their journals and we are looking forward to building on this foundation with Writer’s Workshop. We used the book A Life Like Mine, which documented children’s lives around the world, during our guided reading sessions as we threaded our Inquiry question through our literacy work. 

Heather Lenehan, the Year 3 support teacher, has begun her small-group sessions. These sessions take place during our Literacy Centre blocks, Math time and in the mornings. If your child is invited to take part in a morning session, Heather will send an email on Friday before the sessions begin. The morning sessions are grouped by class cohort. All students are invited to join all the various groups as we know that every student benefits from small-group work. 

We want to thank you for your continued support. Agendas have been signed and homework completed and celebrated! We will be outside as much as possible and with the weather changing and fun Norval activities, we want the students to be comfortable. Please send appropriate outdoor clothing to allow them to brave all the elements! 

As we move to have an efficient and safe dismissal, we would ask that students be received by their families at 3:15 p.m. when we dismiss them at the flagpole.

Missy McCleary, Kathryn O’Brien, Heather Lenehan

Year 3 Team