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Update from Year 1

Thank you to everyone who has donated used or broken crayons for our crayon drive! Our Year 1 students are excited to create something new and share their creations with others. The goal is to spread joy to the outside community. Further details will follow.

We are engrossed in our Stewardship unit. From researching human impact on animals to water, the students are enjoying our experiments and hands-on activities in the classroom. Hopefully conversations are taking place at home about how we can all make small changes that add up to big differences. In class we discussed turning lights off when we aren’t using them, shutting the tap off while we brush our teeth, and decreasing our food waste. Speaking of food waste, each day we are measuring our uneaten lunches. You can see from the image below how hard the boys are working to ensure lunches are being eaten and not wasted. 

In math, we continue to work with number bonds during our addition unit. Automatic recall of facts to 20 continues to be a goal. Some strategies we have been using in class include counting on, using the number line and rote memorization. If you notice any reversals in your child’s homework, please address them at the moment. This is the best way to tackle this problem and something we are working hard on in class.

There are many fun ways to practice recall of addition facts at home as well. Here is a recent game the boys enjoyed:

Rock, Paper, Scissors, MATH

How to play:

Step 1: (This version is for practising adding numbers to 10.) Two players face each other and “pound” their fists saying, “Rock, Paper, Scissors and Math” (just like in the regular game).

Step 2: Each player shows a number (zero through five). 

Step 3: Each player should hold their “number of fingers” out clearly so both players can see the total number of fingers.

Step 4: The first player to call out the sum (total number of fingers) wins!

Step 5: Repeat game.

The more players, the higher the number. Play with four people to extend your practice to 20.

Kindness continues to be a focus in our classroom. We are finding opportunities for teachable moments during our day and having rich conversations about how our words and actions impact others. During our HLS class Ms. Boyce led students in a lesson designed to have us reflect on our actions and words.

An unkind word might wrinkle the heart and while a bandaid that represents an apology might help mend the wound, the heart will not be as it was. We remind students that kindness comes first. 

Christie Gordon
Year 1 Form Adviser