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Update from the Wernham West Centre for Learning

The Wernham West Centre for Learning team have been busy these past two months supporting teachers and students in transitioning back to in-person learning. The first few months were spent observing students, supporting reading and diagnostic assessments, and making recommendations to teachers and families around supports some students may need. It also saw our teachers celebrate Learning Disabilities Awareness Month in October through sharing stories with our younger learners, such as Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds, A Walk in the Words by Hudson Talbott, and more while speaking at our Middle Division assembly.

With those assessments now complete, the Primary Years teachers Ms. Polly Baxter and Ms. Melody Thompson are busy working with young students on developing their phonemic awareness, decoding and reading comprehension through a variety of intervention programs as well as supporting students in developing their number sense and math facts. Ms. Melody Thompson has also been supporting our writing workshop program by co-teaching with many of our teachers. We have also hired a new speech and language therapist, who started last week and will now be working with students on Fridays to support their speech and language development. In addition to their work on supporting literacy and numeracy, our Primary Centre for Learning faculty are also busy supporting our school counsellor and Health and Life Skills teacher Ms. Martha Boyce on social skill development, through recess games and the Lego club.   

Shifting to our Middle Division, the start of school also saw our teachers, Ms. Shannon Duke-Dayrit, Ms. Tina Jagdeo and Ms. Rachel McHolm, busy working to support students in transitioning back to school with lessons on executive functions (organization, planning, time-management, working memory and metacognition) and completing a reading assessment with each Middle Division student. With those assessments now complete, our Middle Division teachers will begin working with students in our Level Literacy Intervention program this week. (Students identified as benefiting from this program will have already been messaged by our teachers.)  The teachers will also be shifting their mini-lessons from those executive function lessons to preparation and metacognition, specifically with our Year 6 students on developing their study habits and test-taking skills. Homework club is also in full swing with peer tutors popping in virtually to support.

As always, if you have any further questions about the Wernham West Centre for Learning and how it can support your child, please feel free to contact any member of our team.

Kathryn Barnes
Director, Wernham West Centre for Learning