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Update from the Dean of Student Life and Wellbeing

Update from the Dean of Student Life and Wellbeing

We continue to be mindful of the boys’ health and wellbeing during the time of campus closure and encourage you to speak with your son about what he is experiencing during this uncertain time. Here are some strategies, courtesy of the  Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH), to support you in having age appropriate conversations with your son:

  • Acknowledge their fears. 
  • Outline the steps you are taking to keep them and yourself safe during this pandemic.
  • Reassure them that young children tend to get a mild form of the virus.
  • Encourage your children not to share drinks, or other personal items during this time.
  • Help adolescents understand the importance of social distancing, and encourage them to socialize with friends through digital technology (i.e. video conference chats, social networks or texts). 
  • Discuss any questions they may have.

Click here to see the full one page document from CAMH.

Health Centre

A reminder that the College’s Health Centre team is available by phone and online to provide advice for any physical illness your son may be experiencing or for any confidential counselling for social and emotional needs. 

Also note that our concussion protocol remains in place throughout our Continuous Learning Plan. Please be sure to report concussion symptoms or diagnoses so that appropriate monitoring and support can be implemented in our online learning environment. 

If you have any concerns about your son, please notify his teacher, adviser, the Health Centre, or reach out to me directly. 


In addition to the opportunity provided for continued connections between boys and their advisors, recent sessions across the school have focused on specific wellbeing dimensions such as other-mindedness, gratitude, vitality and engagement. We will continue to support wellbeing through our advising structure in the coming weeks.

Physical fitness

In addition to the video links I shared last week, please see UCC’s SAS video site, where Mr. Buttery, our Strength and Conditioning Coach, has over 200 exercise demonstrations for home fitness.